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Dance with us!

Are you ready to dance advance?

  • Weekly High School Dance Intensives! Stronger turns, leaps, hip hop tricks, and flexibility!

  • Grown-Up & Me: Make lasting memories and explore dance with your little one!

  • Early Childhood Program: Give your child the best with our CADA + Leap N Learn program.

  • Tumbling & Acro: Coordination. Balance. And confidence growing!

  • Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced: Classes for all ages and levels.

Why Choose CADA?

Here are just a few reasons CADA challenges the dance studio status quo.

  • Highest dance return on investment with

    more individual attention, less time standing in lines, and stronger instructor/student relationships through our smaller class sizes. You are not just a "number".

  • Confidence-boosting environment from our warm, positive staff and whole-child curriculums through growth mindset principles.

  • More results and dance growth in the time your child is away from you through efficient class-time with our master instructors teaching cutting-edge curriculums.

  • World-class training through consistent access to world-renowned talent through master classes and guest instruction.

  • Technique first! Limitless bounds on their potential as they gain proper, safe, and significant technical foundations.

  • Confidence and peace

    as a parent with

    conservative and age-appropriate

    music, attire, and costuming.

  • A smooth dance studio experience and the ability to balance your whole family with organized administration and thorough parent communication.

  • A clear mental space for our dancers in a clean, beautiful physical atmosphere with state of the art studio spaces and spring flooring in our larger spaces for our joints.

See what parents are saying:

“Amazing!! I have a happy dancer. She loves being at the studio... She has so much energy and enjoys every second. That is refreshing to me.”

• CADA Dance Parent | Eagle ID

"My daughter is new to dance and her first ballet class was amazing! She really loves her teacher and I love the smaller class size. I really appreciate how personable the staff is and how much communication I receive. I am so happy we found this dance studio. The staff is awesome and my daughter loves going to class!"

• CADA Dance Parent | Meridian ID

“When my daughter was younger, she was very shy and would hardly leave my side. She wouldn’t participate in any activity until I put her in Rachel’s dance class. Rachel was able to engage her and teach her how to be comfortable in front of others. Now she loves to dance and is more confident."

• About Miss Rachel!

“Today was the day that has officially confirmed how much my daughter has blossomed and grown since coming to CADA. I couldn’t be more appreciative and gracious to you and all the other coaches who have taken the time to love her and give her the strength to show her talents and be proud of it. Thank you.”

• CADA Dance Parent | Boise ID

“I can’t tell you how many times my daughter tells me how much she loves her team and how awesome it feels with everyone...pretty much every time I pick her up on the way home. She loves being with these girls and that makes me more happy than anything.”

• CADA Dance Parent | Meridian ID

“Everything about CADA: the staff, parents, and kids is affirmation that I’m doing the right thing for her.”

• CADA Dance Parent | Eagle ID

"Thank you, Candice, for working with my daughter! I feel like I have been asking for help from [other coaches] and no one has done what you did. My daughter said it felt like it was worth five sessions from [other coaches in the valley]."

• About Competition Coach Candice!

I love how much intention is given to the dance education and I feel my daughter’s confidence and passion for dance is stronger than ever. I’m thankful to give this to her. Thank you.”

• CADA Dance Parent | Meridian ID

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Frequently Asked Questions

What curriculums do you use?

Thank you for asking! As one of the hallmarks of our mission, at CADA, we pride ourselves on our progressive and thorough curriculum investments to give our parents the highest return on your investment, using class time efficiently and effectively while developing the whole child: advancing the art and the artist™.

On top of our program curriculums, CADA invests thousands of dollars each year in our instructors' continuing education opportunities to deliver our dance families the most time-efficient, effective, and safe dance growth and development through our teachers.

Throughout our technique classes we utilize curriculums from mUvmethod, Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT), Acrobatic Arts, Radar Technique, Dance Labs, and more. On top of this, nearly all of our staff members have university degrees in Dance and/or specialty certifications that makes us a top delivering ballet faculty in the valley.

Our classes with students ages 2-5 implement principles and curriculum from Anne Green Gilbert’s “Brain Dance”, Brain Dance emphasizes developmental movement patterns, musicality, rhythm, music appreciation, and body coordination. We have a printed copy including sample lesson plans printed for perusal in the lobby.

For our ballet program, including creative ballet, we have a unique, customized ballet curriculum written in conjunction with our incredible ballet instructor, Hannah Jarvis, who holds a Masters from NYU in teaching in the Professions with an emphasis on ABT pedagogy. We have a detailed, printed copy of each level’s curriculum for perusal in the lobby.

Do you have a yearly recital?

Yes! Performance is an important aspect of the art of dance. We also prioritize showcasing our CADA parents all of the growth your child is experiencing in class. Each Spring we have an on-stage recital for our recital class students, and all classes have an in-studio parent showcase at least once a year.

Technique and acro classes participate in parent showcases but do not typically participate in recital.

What is the cost of tuition?

Tuition starts at $55/month for our 30-45 minute classes and $65/month for our 1-hour classes. Tuition is tiered so that multiple classes taken per child decreases cost per hour through a bulk discount.

Are there additional costs above tuition?

There is a yearly registration fee due per student and recital students will have a costume and recital fee once per year.

Do you offer a sibling or multi-class discount?

We do offer multi-class discounts! Because a bulk discount offered the best discount for our students we chose those over the sibling discount.

How long does your season run?

Our season is a 32-week season begining the first Monday in September and runing through the week after recital in May. Tuition is based on a full season of classes and divided into 9 months of payment. Some months have fewer lessons while others have more.

Is there a referral credit for referring friends to the studio?

Yes! Dancing with friends is so fun! We run new referral credit promos from time to time. We will honor the latest promo when asked!

1551 W Cherry Ln, Meridian, ID 83642, USA